Heat shrink tubing 2:1 coloured

Protect your cables and wires with a high quality heat shrink tube. The tube acts as an insulator and provides reliable protection against dust and liquids. It also serves as a kink protector that extends the life of the cable. The tubing can be shrunk in a few seconds using a heat gun. Shrink tubing should not be missing in any workshop. It is suitable for installations and repairs of cable harnesses and cable lines. It is also versatile in the household, e.g. for reinforcing charging cables, headphones and telephone lines. Take a look at our wide range of different shrink tubings in various shrink ratios (4:1, 3:1, 2:1) and sizes. Our heat shrink tubing is available in black and other colours. In addition to our practical metre rolls, you will also find assortment boxes with pre-cut parts. Of course, you will also find a suitable hot air blower to do the heating quickly.