Heyco SNAP-IN Dome Plug 2713 DP-1000 BLACK
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Heyco SNAP-IN Dome Plug 2713 DP-1000 BLACK
these caps have good chemical resistance and good electrical properties. They have a convex head. Thanks to the fastening teeth, these caps snap on and adapt to the thickness of the frame up to a maximum indicated in the table.

Ø B overall Diameter mm: 30,6
H Overall height (mm): 11,5
Ø Mounting hole: 25,4
for maxi panel Thickness (mm): 3,2
Material: polyamide 6/6.
Color: black or white.
Temperature range: -40°C / +105°C
Flamability rating: flame retardant and self-extinguishing UL94-V2.
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